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You're in luck Today!

A Special Gift from Your Awesome Friend Awaits!

Hey there! It looks like you've got some amazing friends. One of them thinks you're pretty great and has sent you a special gift. 🌟

MasRefund Referred Friend Landing.png

Here's the Deal:

When you file your taxes with MásRefund, not only do you enjoy a stress-free, streamlined tax filing experience, but there's also a sweet bonus. Both you and your friend will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card as a token of our appreciation. That's right, it's a win-win!

And There's More:

You don't just have to be on the receiving end. Join the MásRefund family and you too can start spreading joy. Refer your friends and earn up to $500 in rewards!

Ready to Get Started?

Use this button to qualify for rewards

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