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The fastest and easiest  tax filing solution.

We do your filings for just  $24.99 if you’re single, or $49.99 if you’re married.

(no dependents)

Relaxed man sitting comfortably while using the MasRefund app, showcasing its user-friendly interface

Full AI Technology

MásRefund is the first tax filing app using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to prepare your tax return accurately. 

Two people conversing in English and Spanish, representing the bilingual capabilities of the MasRefund tax app


Easy to understand Spanglish. No IRS lingo. Ideal for Gen-Z and Millennials.

Smartphone displaying MasRefund app, highlighting easy tax filing from your phone

100% mobile solution

We feel you! You want to file taxes when you want to... On the fly... Not sit in front of a laptop. Not get baited into free filing only to find out you gotta pay. And sure as heck don't wanna go to a tax office or go to your parents. Your money is your business. Now filing is too!

Image of a man reading a paper next to a secure screen, illustrating the safety and reliability of the MasRefund ap


We don't have access to your data. It's encrypted and our algorithm takes care of the rest.

woman effortlessly navigating the MasRefund app on her mobile phone

Easy to use

No forms to fill out. No worksheets to complete. No guessing. Scan and file on the fly!

Man with a magnifying glass, symbolizing the foolproof nature of the MasRefund app


Quit worrying about making mistakes in your filings. Get assistance from our professional-grade AI to file your taxes the way you would with an expert.

Download our app and start saving!

Download MasRefund on the App Store button for easy app installation
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