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Vet focused Bunker Labs celebrates as Raleigh named Best City for Veterans

Updated: Jan 23

by Sarah Glova — November 10, 2023


RALEIGH — What makes Raleigh a “sweet spot” for Veterans? It’s a welcoming city, says Simon Karmarkar.

Karmarkar is an Army Veteran and Co-Ambassador at Bunker Labs Raleigh-Durham, which provides entrepreneurship education for active-duty military, Veterans, and military spouses who want to start their own businesses. He spoke with TechWire after news broke on Monday that Raleigh was named WalletHub’s 2023 Best City for Veterans.

And he said that Raleigh is a great place for Veteran founders.

“We are exploding in terms of creating a vibrant, deep start-up ecosystem that supports the small business mindset as well as a large amount of established IT and research companies,” Karmarkar told TechWire. “The proximity to Fort Bragg, now Fort Liberty, makes Raleigh a perfect launching pad for Veterans separating from the armed services.”




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