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What Getting a Tax Refund Really Means

by Lacey Langford on Military Money Show


If it comes down to paying taxes or getting a return, I think we can all say, get a tax return, hands down. But if you’re getting a big fat return every year, is that the best use of your money?

In this episode, I talk with tax expert, Dr. Simon Karmarkar about what getting a tax return really means for your finances, how you can better plan your finances, and taxes and resources to use.

Dr. Karmarker is an Army veteran who holds a Doctorate in Management with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership. He’s an author, public speaker, Gestalt therapist, and CEO of Refund Wiz, the first AI/ML smartphone e-filing tax return app. Dr. Karmarkar is a contributing author for “Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace” through the Center for Workplace Diversity and has been an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University. He is the former Founder/CEO of HelpMeNow, a pioneer in tele-clinical healthcare. As Founder/CEO of Anamika Recovery Center, Dr. Karmarkar brought awareness about addiction and treatment solutions to the Indian American community and a nomination as Sony Entertainment South Asian Person of the Year.

Dr. Karmarker shares his story of struggling with homelessness and addiction as an Army veteran, how he found help, made change and began a journey of helping others do the same and how it led to developing tax filing programs to help others.



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