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Tax Aid To Hispanic Community

Updated: Jan 23

by Suzannah Claire Perry on GrepBeat


Despite being the largest minority group in the U.S., the Hispanic community lacks a tax service in their native language. Raleigh-based startup RefundWiz is looking to change that.

For founder Simon Karmarkar, who will present at CED’s Venture Connect summit this week (March 29-30), providing tax services to immigrant communities is a deeply personal mission.

Himself an immigrant from South Asia, Karmarkar remembers his own family’s early encounters with the taxation system.

Simon Karmarkar is the Founder of RefundWiz, a tax service geared to the Hispanic community. He will be presenting at this week's Venture Connect summit.

Soon after their family moved to the United States, his father brought a young Karmaker and his brother to look inside a tax-filing office. Quickly, the cushy seats and English-language signs indicated to Karmarkar’s father that this business was not designed to suit his family’s tax needs, a memory that he kept for decades.

“He looked at it and he said, ‘That’s so posh, that’s not for us,’” Karmarkar said. “I thought it was very fascinating that he would remember that so many years later.

The Karmarkar family received citizenship in 1976. But decades later, Hispanic immigrants face similar concerns while filing their taxes.




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