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The Way Of Excellence Interviews Dr Simon Karmarkar

Updated: Jan 26

by Stanley Bronstein on in The Way of Excellence


Dr. Simon Karmarkar is the CEO and Founder of and , the 1st AI/ML smartphone e-filing tax return app.

Dr. Karmarkar is a published author, public speaker, Gestalt therapist, and former Founder/CEO of HelpMeNow, a pioneer in tele-clinical healthcare. As founder and CEO of Anamika Recovery Center, a California statelicensed in-patient program, Dr. Karmarkar brought awareness about addiction and treatment solutions to the Indian American community and a nomination as Sony Entertainment South Asian Person of the Year.

With his Doctorate in Management, Dr. Karmarkar is a contributing author through the Center for Workplace Diversity and has been an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University and currently serves as Ambassador for and Mentor for



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