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Startup to Success

Updated: Jan 23

by Mary Palanjian on Every Tuesday Night , 95.5 FM


Dr. Simon Karmarkar, Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership, Co-Authored “Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace” for the Center for Workplace Diversity. He is also a Gestalt Therapist, and as an immigrant from India, is passionate about startups that serve the marginalized of society. To that end, Dr. Karmarkar is the CEO and Founder of, the first AI/ML smartphone e-filing tax return app, and is natively in Spanish to serve the Hispanic community.

A Little About You:

I immigrated from India at the age of five, landing in Chicago, at a time when no one looked like me or spoke my language and I didn’t speak theirs. I learned English from Bugs Bunny and Sesame Street. I’m a self professed serial entrepreneur and my passion is for the marginalized and vulnerable. My criteria for successful startups is to look for vacuums in society and seek to fill them with innovation and solutions.

That's A Wrap:

Dr. Karmarkar noticed how marginalized the Hispanic community is with fewer than 10,000 Spanish speaking tax preparers and 60 million Latinos in America. That became the genesis of, a digital tax filing app for the Hispanic community, natively in Spanish, with English option for others.



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