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Life-Changing Financial-Wellness Technology Solutions

by Bunker Labs, IRON Mike Steadman on TRANSITION


This week on the Transition, I’m joined by Army Veteran and Veterans In Residence Alumni, Simon Karmarkar, Founder & CEO of Refund Wiz, a smartphone mobile e-filing tax return app. His company also offers MasRefund, an app designed specifically for the Spanish-speaking community. As a trained and certified Tax Specialist, Simon noticed a glaring gap in the number of tax specialists who could serve the non-English-speaking Latino community, many of whom wanted to pay taxes, but were nervous about the second and third-order effects of reporting their income.

After doing some research, he realized that there are fewer than 10,000 trained and regulated Spanish-speaking tax preparers supporting 63 million Hispanic and Latino people in the United States. To solve this issue, Simon launched Refund Wiz and branded it under MasRefund to reach the Latino community.

On the Transition, he opens up about his struggles Transitioning out of the Military in the late 90s, including a short stent as a homeless veteran, catching the entrepreneurial a few years ago, and how he’s managed to take RefundWiz to market, after participating in countless incubator and accelerator programs similar to me. 



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