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How AI is Revolutionizing the Way Latinx File Taxes | HDM 360


Does the idea of having to file taxes every year keep you up at night? Picture yourself next tax season filing taxes with confidence and without any of that stress. Sounds incredible, right? That’s absolutely achievable thanks to our guest today, who has developed a solution that simplifies personal finance management, making filing taxes less intimidating with the help of AI technology.

While technology presents both advantages and challenges, traditional methods like paper-based tax filing can be complicated and inefficient. Even for someone with tax knowledge like myself, I would choose technology any day for its convenience and efficiency.

Today, our guest Simon brings an alternative for Latinos to file their taxes. And I have some good news, the app is available in Spanglish, bridging the language gap and making tax filing more accessible and user-friendly.

Dr. Simon Karmarkar, CEO of, the first AI-powered tax return app. He is a renowned author, public speaker, and Gestalt Therapist. Beyond this, as the Founder/CEO of HelpMeNow, he pioneered tele-clinical healthcare. Sin duda alguna, he has a great story to share with you!

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • Tax filing challenges Simon observed in the Latino community and why he wanted to help solve this.

  • How Más Refund streamlines the process of completing your taxes quickly and securely.

  • Why Más Refund’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help simplify tax filing regardless of age.

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