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Live stress-free with MasComfort™

RS document, emphasizing the value of MasComfort™ IRS Audit Protection for tax peace of mind

An IRS audit protection plan offered by MasComfort™, LLC.

Once you've successfully submitted your taxes through MasRefund, it's time to leave the worries behind. Say goodbye to concerns about unexpected letters from the authorities by choosing MasComfort™. Simply include the additional charge when paying for your tax return filing with MásRefund – it's that simple!

For a modest fee, unlock a wealth of benefits. The MasRefund team boasts Enrolled Agents and CPAs with a combined experience of over 75 years. With the purchase of MasComfort Audit Service Plan, your protection extends for the lifespan of your tax return. In essence, if you receive a letter from the IRS, send it our way, and consider it handled! MásComfort is the added layer of security you need for a smooth tax-filing experience.

See MasComfort™ Claims  for more details.

Team photo showcasing MasRefund experts: Enrolled Agents and CPAs with 75+ years of experience.

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