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File your Taxes.
Mas Easy.
Mas Fast.
Mas Cheap.
Starting at $24.99

MasRefund™  uses artificial intelligence to get you more! 

Pair of smartphones demonstrating the user-friendly interface of the MasRefund app

Meet MasRefund

Created with YOU in mind!

The best technology to get you the most refund with NO complications


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Latina woman using MasRefund app on her phone for easy tax filing
Two people conversing in English and Spanish, representing the bilingual capabilities of the MasRefund tax app

You choose!
English or Spanish

Relaxed man sitting comfortably while using the MasRefund app, showcasing its user-friendly interface

Easy to use

Smartphone displaying MasRefund app, highlighting easy tax filing from your phone

All from your own phone!

Don’t ever pay a tax preparer again.  Get your refund fast and easy!

Why MasRefund

Maximize Your Time: Our AI simplifies taxes, freeing you for what truly matters.

Two Latinos displaying MasRefund app screens on phones, highlighting accessibility.

Easy taxes, with the warmth of your language.

Our app guides you easily at every step.

File your taxes with ease in the language you feel most at home with—select between English or Spanish and bypass the complex jargon of IRS forms.

Seamless and accurate.

Like having a Tax Pro by your side.

Relax and let our advanced AI technology do the work with easy step-by-step guidance. Plus, get IRS Audit Protection with Más Comfort for extra peace of mind.

Join the Tax Revolution now!

Download MasRefund on the App Store button for easy app installation
-Filing logo indicating MasRefund's official IRS authorization for tax filing services
Professional tax preparer symbolizing expert support available through MasRefund app
Mobile phone with magnifying glass highlighting the MasRefund app's transparent, no hidden cost feature

No hidden costs.

We do your filings like a tax pro for a lower price.

Icon representing bullet point on pricing details for the MasRefund app

$24.99 for individual users

Icon representing bullet point on pricing details for the MasRefund app

$49.99 for married users

(not dependents)

Icon representing bullet point on pricing details for the MasRefund app

IRS Audit Protection plan starting at  $9.99 for married users.


MasRefund: AI-Powered, Affordable Tax Filing in English and Spanish.

In just 15 minutes, MásRefund harnesses AI and Machine Learning for fast, accurate tax returns. We prioritize your security and trust, ensuring a hassle-free, affordable, and reliable tax filing experience. Tax filing, redefined, and secured with MasRefund.

Diverse group of individuals using mobile phones, illustrating the widespread appeal of the MasRefund tax app

Is MasRefund Right for You? Check Your Eligibility!

Customized Tax Solutions for Singles and Married Couples: 

Our app is finely tuned to address the specific tax scenarios of singles and married couples filing jointly without dependents, ensuring a hassle-free filing process.

We are excited about the future!

Man using MasRefund app on his phone.

Our up-to-date features.

  • We proudly can help individuals with W2s and 1099G file tax returns.

  • If you have basic tax filing situation with no investments accounts or dependents- we are the affordable solution.

  • This year we are not supporting qualifying dependents and qualifying relatives.

Woman utilizing MasRefund app on her mobile phone for hassle-free tax filing


The latest from MasRefund


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Why our amigos like MasRefund?

"An affordable, simple, and stress-free way to file your taxes."

 I love this app because it takes the hassle and worry out of tax time!

—Lynette Khalfani Cox

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