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We're in Fox News!

Watch the full interview of our founder Simon explaining                 Más Refund in Fox Business News!

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Simon Karmarkar delves into inspiring stories and advice on achieving financial freedom. Get actionable tips, motivational stories, and insightful discussions that will empower you to take control of your financial future and get financially conditioned.

Finally: Tax Filing Más Easy. Más Fast. Más Cheap.

Say goodbye to tax filing confusion and hola to simplicity with MasRefund

We understand the dread of Tax Season.

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Complicated forms with tax jargon

Uncertainty about refunds

Introducing  MasRefund

File Easy, Pay Less: Your Simple & Affordable Tax Solution with Step-by-Step Support

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How it works?

Step 1:

Sign Up

Step 2:

Scan your Documents

Step 3:

Submit your Return

Discover the Ease

Easy to Use

Navigate your taxes effortlessly: 

Our app is crafted for ease, guiding you seamlessly through the filing process, ensuring a straightforward experience, no matter your tax knowledge.

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Bilingual Filing

Tax filing that truly
understands you: 

Enjoy full support in English and Spanish, ensuring a comfortable and comprehensible journey from start to finish.


No Hidden Costs

Experience cost-effective tax filing without compromise: 

Our advanced AI technology ensures you pay less but gain more, identifying unique savings with precision.


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No Hidden Costs

Experience the tranquility of secure tax filing:

Our top-tier encryption safeguards your data, giving you the freedom to maximize your refund without concerns.


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Is MásRefund Right for You?

Designed specifically for singles and married couples filing jointly without dependents, our technology streamlines the tax process, ideal for straightforward financial situations.

Endorsed by Experts 💡...

“While MasRefund was built to empower the Hispanic community, taxpayers of all backgrounds can benefit from the app’s ease of use,”

—Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Personal Finance Expert and New York Times Bestselling Author.

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“About 99% of my clients are Latino like me, and I know an app like MasRefund can help those who just need basic tax preparation done quickly and easily,”

—Louis Barajas

Renowned Financial Expert and Bestselling Author.

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...and loved by users ❤️.

"MasRefund is the best. I usually wait until the last minute. I used other tax apps in the past. Today with MásRefund I finished my taxes in no time. It was quick and easy. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to do their taxes fast and easy."



"This app has taken away the pain of doing taxes. Filed in under 4 minutes and I can move on with my life"



"I don't have to set up appointments to file my taxes anymore, thanks to this app. I just need my phone, which is super handy since everybody's got one. It makes everything so much easier."



"Fantastic app. Super easy process. Take a few pictures and you're done. Wish this had been around years ago!"



Discover the Ease

Become part of the MasRefund family

Where tax filing becomes your gateway to financial empowerment.

Discover a new confidence in managing your taxes and finances with ease.

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Discover the Ease

  • Do you have a physical office location where I can meet the team?
    Absolutely! Our presence is firmly established and continuing to grow. Our dynamic team frequently travels to foster innovation and partnership, but we maintain strong home bases. Our primary headquarters are in Raleigh, complemented by secondary offices in Nashville and Tampa. We're excited about expanding further and look forward to opening more locations in the near future.
  • Can I benefit from referring friends to MasRefund, and how does it work?
    Absolutely! With our referral program, both you and your friends win. When you refer someone to MasRefund and they successfully file their taxes with us, both you and the referred friend each receive $10. You can earn up to $500 per year through this program. Just share your unique referral code, and enjoy the rewards together. It's our way of thanking you for introducing MasRefund to others!
  • What if I need help during the tax filing process?
    Our customer support team is here for you. Just email us at for any assistance.
  • Who needs to file a tax return, and how can MasRefund help?
    Filing depends on your income level. Our app can guide you on whether you need to file and how to maximize your refund.
  • How do I file my taxes using MasRefund?
    Scan your W-2s and 1099Gs with our app. Our AI technology will handle the calculations and guide you through each step.
  • Do I have to purchase MasComfort?
    We strongly encourage our customers for that added layer of protection and peace of mind. Enough stressful events are happening in our lives, by purchasing MasComfort, we remove one more potentially stress-creating event.
  • What is MasComfort?
    The App offers IRS audit protection insurance, which includes representation services in response to letters received from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • How much does MasComfort cost?
    It is $9.99 for each year you file taxes using the MasRefund app.
  • Is my information safe with MasRefund?
    Yes, your privacy is our top priority. We use encryption and follow strict security practices to protect your data.
  • Is MasRefund available in languages other than English?
    Yes, we understand the importance of accessibility. MasRefund is fully bilingual, offering all features and support in both English and Spanish. You can easily switch between languages in the app settings to use the app in the language you're most comfortable with.
  • How much does it cost to use MasRefund?
    The app is free to download. Filing fees are $24.99 for single filers and $49.99 for married couples.
  • What's AI and how does it help me in the app?
    AI, or Artificial Intelligence, in our app, is like a smart assistant that accurately calculates your taxes, making the process easy and efficient for you.
  • What happens if my phone dies while using the app?
    Simply recharge your phone and continue where you left off. Your progress is saved automatically.
  • What devices is MasRefund compatible with?
    Our app works on a variety of smartphones and tablets. It's user-friendly and doesn't require a computer.
  • What if I get an error code when scanning my debit card?
    The beauty with our app, should the scanning feature not work, please carefully enter the data manually. Take your time when using manual process to avoid data entry errors.
  • Can I use MasRefund for multiple family members?
    Yes, simply create a separate account for each family member who needs to file taxes.
  • How often does MasRefund update, and will I be notified?
    We update the app regularly and you'll receive notifications about new features and improvements.
  • How does the app's document scanning ensure accuracy?
    We use advanced OCR technology for precise data extraction, supported by validation checks for accuracy.
  • Can I use MasRefund without an email address?
    You can sign up with a phone number, but an email is needed for IRS communication. Our process is fully digital for your convenience.
  • Are there resources in the app to help me understand taxes?
    Yes, our website offers user-friendly guides and resources to help you understand your taxes better.
  • Can I use MasRefund if I have a child?
    Not this year. And come back next year. We are working hard we can serve you in 2025.
  • How can I access previous year's tax return?
    The first option is to return to the agency that prepared and filed your 2022 tax return. If that option is not available to you, then please take a look at the following options: Here are the three ways to get transcripts: 1) Online: People can use Get Transcript Online to view, print or download a copy of all transcript types. They must verify their identity using the Secure Access process. Taxpayers who are unable to register or prefer not to use Get Transcript Online may use Get Transcript by Mail to order a tax return or account transcript type. Taxpayers should allow five to 10 calendar days for delivery. 2) By phone: Taxpayers can call 800-908-9946 to request a transcript by phone. Transcripts requested by phone will be mailed to the taxpayer. 3) By mail: Taxpayers can complete and send either Form 4506-T or Form 4506-T-EZ to the IRS to get one by mail. They use Form 4506-T to request other tax records: tax account transcript, a record of account, wage, and income, and verification of non-filing. These forms are available on the Forms, Instructions, and Publications page on Request a copy of a tax return from the IRS Prior year tax returns are available from the IRS for a fee. Taxpayers can request a copy of a tax return by completing and mailing Form 4506 to the IRS address listed on the form. There's a $43 fee for each copy and these are available for the current tax year and up to seven years prior.
  • Can I file taxes for previous years with MasRefund?
    Starting next year, you'll be able to file taxes for previous years through our app.
  • Can MasRefund estimate my tax liability before filing season?
    Yes, the app includes tools for early tax liability estimation, helping you plan ahead.
  • Can I use if I am retired and have a social security disbursement?
    We will be ready to serve you in 2025.
  • Can MasRefund handle complex tax situations like itemized deductions?
    We're adding this feature by 2025 to make your tax filing even more comprehensive.
  • Can I file both federal and state taxes using MasRefund?
    Absolutely. Our app supports filing for both, streamlining the entire process for you.
  • Does MasRefund provide a tax return summary before submission?
    Yes, you'll get a detailed summary to review everything before you submit your return.
  • What if I get a letter from or am notified by the IRS?
    If you have purchased MasComort audit protection, just contact us via Chat or email us a copy of the letter to support@mascomfort. Our tax specialists will contact you for any additional information. Be rest assured we have your back.
  • How does MasRefund keep updated with tax laws?
    Our team constantly updates the app to reflect the latest tax laws and regulations.
  • What should I do if I receive a letter from the IRS?
    If you have our MasComfort IRS audit protection, we'll handle it at no extra cost. Without it, we offer assistance for a $499 fee.
  • Can I use MasRefund if I received an interest earned statement from my bank or form 1098T?
    We will support that in 2025.
  • Can MasRefund manage multiple income sources for tax filing?
    Definitely! If you have income from W2s or 1099Gs, our app can accurately handle multiple sources.
  • Can I use MasRefund if I traded stocks or options in Robinhood© , or MooMoo© or WeBull©?
    Not this year. Our dev team is working hard to get this included for next year.
  • Will MasRefund help me with tax credits and deductions?
    Yes, the app asks questions to determine which credits and deductions you qualify for, based on your unique situation.
  • Can I track my tax refund status in the app?
    We're working on it! For now, check your refund status directly on the IRS website:
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Time-Saving Hack

From Hours to Minutes. Unlike traditional, time-consuming options, our app streamlines your filing process, revolutionizing tax season for the Latino community. Join us to make tax filing quick, stress-free, and accessible for thousands.

Our Promise

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To empower every user with the tools to navigate tax filing with confidence, backed by technology that understands and adapts to your unique financial landscape.

Imagine the possibilities!

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Meet Carla, she made just $5500 last year and paid $500 in taxes. Other services might charge her $100 to get taxes done. With MásRefund, it's just $24.99. We want  Carla to can keep her hard earned money.

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Last year, Jose and Marta worked a lot, ending up with 7 jobs and 7 W-2 forms to file. Usually, filing taxes for more than 3 W-2s costs extra, like $80 on top of a $120 fee. At MásRefund, it's simpler: they just pay $49.99, no matter how many W-2s they have. No extra fees, nada.

The latest from MasRefund

Dive into financial wisdom and stay ahead with MasRefund's latest news.

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