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MásRefund Innovative Technology

by Sam Cho on ROWND


MásRefund is a fintech app that helps underserved communities quickly file their federal and state taxes and get their refund as fast as possible. They make "filing taxes as easy as 1, 2, 3". Their mobile apps are built in native iOS and Android and their website is on Wordpress.

When it came time to implement a new authentication solution for MásRefund, Simon and his team turned to Rownd's Authentication Platform and professional services to help them onboard.

With Más Refund's apps built in native Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift), and their backend using Node, Rownd's SDKs made it easy to integrate the new system across all platforms.

"Rownd's mobile SDKs are a fantastic tool for any developer looking to integrate a seamless authentication experience," said Sam Cho, a technical advisor for MásRefund.




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